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by khadra

I recently finished CHILDCARE LEVEL THREE and I have enjoyed it. I have my diploma pass with distinction. I am excited to find a job.
Good course and short time to finish with helpful teachers.
Thank you

Childcare Level 3

by Shamyla

I am really enjoying this course, extremely happy with the way everything has been set out in the study material and how straightforward it has been. I’m on my last assignment and so far it has been great, I’ve had tremendous support from the tutors, they are always helpful and make the course so much easier to do. The feedback you receive after each assignment is great and their comments really motivate you to succeed in the course and helps boost your confidence. I have done two other home learning courses with different collages and so far I would definitely say that this open college is by far the best. I would highly recommend people to choose this open learning college as you get great support from the tutors, customer service team is brilliant and you thoroughly enjoy learning from the study materials. I think after I complete this course, I will do the Teaching Assistant course with the college!

Childcare level 3

by Sarish

As im too lazy for college and only learn when I want, I gave this a go. So, far I have completed the first first two modules in one week and am surprised at how easy it is. Tutors are very helpful, and this course is both beneficial and enjoyable. Honestly cannot wait to finish this course.

Childcare Level 3

by Katy

I've been really pleased with this course. Not only was my course delivered the next day after purchasing it, but if I needed any help or questions answered I was replied to very quickly. I have just finished my Level 2 Childcare Diploma and i'v been searching for different options of how to do my Level 3. After researching many different options this course really stood out. I anticipated the course to be quite hard and set out like college work. However it was very straight forward and the course material is fantastic. I love how i can keep the books for later information. My tutor has been a great help with all his uplifting and encouraging comments. I have now finished all my assignments within a month of receiving my course and am just waiting on my Diploma. I would recommend this course widely!

ChildCare Level 3 Diploma

by Katy

I've just finished a year of College, successfully completing my Childcare Level 2 Diploma. My plan was to get a job with my Level 2, but my tutor told me that by 2015 everyone who wants to work with children has to have a Level 3. However, I didn't want to stay on at college for another 2 years, I wanted to go out and work. I was interested in Apprenticeships, however in my area, they were like gold dust. Then I thought about doing a Home study course. I researched different websites that were offering different courses, but a lot of them involved finding yourself three different placements in order to complete the course. Then I came across this website and the course they offered and I was relieved to find that this course could be done in your own time and had no limits to things such as placements. At first I was quite wary about getting the course as I didn't know if the qualifications I would achieve would be accepted when applying for a job. I had lots of queries and inquired to the College several times. I had replies the same day or even the next day with the information that I needed and wanted. I decided to get the course and within two days my course had arrived. I was quite surprised when I opened it as I expected the course to be a lot harder than what I was seeing. But I was grateful for all the in depth information that applied to what I was being asked in the assignment. I am now on assignment 12 and I've had this course for a month. The replies with your feedback and grades are very reliable and quick. I would recommend this course to anyone who was passionate about becoming a Childcare practitioner fast. Not only was the course cheap but it was very reliable and I am so pleased with what I have learnt and the support you get from your tutor. It is such an easier option than going to college I must say. It's cheaper than College and you can work at your own pace in your own time. Brilliant!

RE:childcare level 3 diploma

by Chana

Really impressed in how clear the study material is .The fed back and customer service is really impressive would really recommend this course.

Excellent Course

by Lavinia Knott

Qualified in 2 months whilst I was on maternity leave with my second child. Since qualifying I have had two interviews for nuresry places even though I have no experience working with children other than my own 2 sons. I would really recommend this course as I don't think I would have been offered interviews without it. Fingers crossed now that I get offered a position.

Childcare Level 3 Course

by Alyssa Catriona Reid

I started this course about a month ago and I am already onto module 5! I absolutely love this course as it is giving me all of the knowledge I need to one day open up my own nursery. The papers are marked fast and the feedback is great. At this rate I will probably be qualified in 2-3 months so overall the whole course would of only taken me 3-4 months to complete, and it has worked well around looking after my newborn son.

Great course!

by Jana Gramblickova

I was very happy with this course. They've been very fast, if I needed something I had fast reply, I've learnt a lot about childcare and children. I am planning to do more of those courses in the near future.

Child Care level 3

by Rosie

This was a fantastic course filled with all the relevent information I needed to help me after I had finished. The books mean I can go back for a refresher from time to time. My tutors positive comments were a great boost and being able to email my work to my tutor was fantastic.
Thank you to all!!

Teaching assistant Level 3

by zahra

I recently finished my teaching assistant course , I have really enjoyed working from home and I have found the course very interesting. The assignments are also marked very quickly and the feed back is brilliant and give me confidence.

Child Care Level 3

by Kimberley

The course is very interesting and I am excited to find a job in this area. I love how the modules are set and it's easy for me to fit in studying around work. I have had more help and advice on this course than I expected and I would like to also do the Teaching Asisstant Course to further my learning. The assignments are also marked very quickly and the feedback is brilliant. I have never felt so pleased with my work. Thank You

child care

by christina

Best course I have ever done, best feed back with lots of support

Child care

by Sophie

I am enjoying the course and I am looking forward to using the knowledge I have gained from it to return to working with chidren. This course has fitted in brilliantly with raising two young boys.


by Eva

I really enjoyed the course. For me it was very helpful that I got as much time as I needed as English is my second language.
I\'m planning to carry on studying about children, mostly interested in child psychology and this course give me a basic information I wanted. It also helped me to understand much more about my own childhood.
I would recommend it to anyone.

Very good

by Derya

I really enjoyed each modules.
It was easy too.
I finished the course in 2 months.
I will definitely recommend to friends.


by Nelson

This is an amazing course, I actually use what I learnt to help people doing NVQ CACHE Level 3. The Course is good the clarity is real and there is no speculation. I am proud I came to COC and recommend COC to anyone wanting to do the course. The convenience of studying at own pace and the flexibility of the College in supporting the learner is second to none. I am now in the primary stages of completing my Community business set-up, I have the OFSTED registration.and membership with Out of School Network.


by T

Only got it a week ago but already I am hooked. I am working my way through my first module and really enjoying it.


by martha kinuthia

The knowledge i have gained is invaluable. Assignments are always promptly marked and feedback sent as fast. The encouraging remarks from the tutor keep me going.

Level 3 Child Care

by Joan

I have really enjoyed this course I started in Oct/Nov 11 and I am now on module 12. I am starting my own daycare nursery soon and this course has been invaluable.

My work has been marked and returned promptly and always with a note of encouragement.

I have already been recommending this course with COC to others.

Thank you

Child care

by Mrs jk

I think the xourse is very good. i will highly recommend to family and friend.

Child care course review

by Sophie Kelly

I think the course itself is fantastic. It works well around my job as you can do any hours and the amount of important information it teaches you is invaluable. The only thing I've found hard is motivating myself to do it! But once I've started reading I find it very interesting.

The course so far seems to be based solely on a nursery environment so I think to make it an more essential course for all child carers it could include childminding, nannying, au paring and babysitting, Because not everyone knows the different responsibilities of these and what is expected of them.

Thank you,
Sophie K x

Another well deserved 5 stars

by Claire Sinclair

The course was really enjoyable and I learnt a great deal from doing it.

There is nothing negative I can really to say - it was delivered quickly, my assignments were marked promptly and i always got a letter to let me know how well i did when i got my results. I contacted my tutor 3 times and had no problems getting my questions answered each time.

I think the course is very good and have no problem to recommend it if you are thinking about doing something like this.


by Mrs R Duncan

I would like to thank all the staff at the college who helped me.

Mrs R Duncan


by Rebecca Bryan

Only got it a week ago but already I am hooked. I am still on my first module but so much want to work and show people I am serious about becoming a childminder. Hold thumbs for me my fellow students!

Was worried

by Kindergal

When I started this course I struggled a bit on the first couple of modules as it is about 6 years since I left school. I managed to complete them with the help of Rachel my tutor and glad to get them finished. Module 3 was quite a big one but I took my time and once I had read through it a few times it went okay. I am now up to module 7 and really getting into it now. If you are thinking about becoming a child minder, I recommend this course as it manages to cover the subjects really well.

I really enjoyed studying

by A H

Hi, I would just like to say how much I enjoyed your course... I just started looking after a young one and got to know so much over the last few months, stuff I didn\'t know before. Thank u for being there for me

Child care

by Sally Temple

I found my child care course excellent and very helpful. I now feel confident and ready to start my career in my local pre-school . I would like to thank my tutor for all their help and support throughout the course.

Cambridge Open College , United Kingdom 4.9 5.0 28 28 I recently finished CHILDCARE LEVEL THREE and I have enjoyed it. I have my diploma pass with distinction. I am excited to find a job.Good course and short time to finish with hel

What will I get out of the course?

  • A respected industry qualification
  • Enhanced skills and confidence
  • A high salary and great prospects
  • An even stronger CV
  • A strong foundation for a successful Child Care career

What's included?

  • Personal Dedicated Tutor Yes
  • Qualified Tutor Yes - in subject matter
  • Tutor Support Period Yes - up to 2 Years
  • NUS Card Yes - costs £11 pa: save throughout the year!
  • Email contact Yes - fast reply
  • Phone Contact Yes - Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm
  • Student Newsletter Yes - online Newsletter
  • Student Award Scheme Yes - automatic entry into the scheme
  • Guaranteed Success Yes - Diploma on completion
  • Qualification Childcare Level 3 Diploma
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